Collective Worship

We place Christ at the centre of all we do and  therefore Collective Worship is crucial in developing a way for children to develop a relationship with Christ and come to
know him better.

Collective Worship and Assembly Timetable
Monday: Whole School Collective Worship @ 9:00 am
Wednesday: The "Wednesday Word"  KS1 Liturgy @ 9:00am and KS2 Liturgy @ 9:30 am
Friday: Whole School Celebration Assembly @ 9:00 am

Whole School Collective Worship
The Head Teacher leads whole school in Collective Worship every week. The theme is closely linked with the liturgical year so that all members of the school community have an understanding of the readings, colours and messages we listen to and see on Sunday at mass.

Key Stage Worship
Our teachers all lead Collective Worship in their Key Stages This takes place on Wednesdays. The teachers lead worship by using the ‘Wednesday Word" this is a  wonderful resource which includes the Gospel reading for the following Sunday. Every Wednesday the children will receive a copy of the "Wednesday Word" to take home and share with the people in their family.

Class Worship
Teachers in school seek to empower children, they lead and model good practice and also give them the opportunity to participate, take ownership of their learning and develop their own relationship with God. Teachers aim to give children a real voice in planning, leading and evaluating worship. In a Christian sense it is important for us all to look to children as having an important role to play in leading the faith community; Jesus welcomed children and used them as models of faith for his followers and so should we.

Parent Liturgies
Parent's Liturgies will take place throughout the school year.  Please click on the link below for dates of your child's year group.
The children are invited to spend some time in our school chapel.  It is a beautiful place at the front of the school where the children can come and say a quiet prayer or spend some time reflecting.