Eco Schools

Global Goals Group
Our school Eco and Gardening groups are to join forces to become our 'Global Goals' Team!!
We will be looking at trying to help make small changes to assist with implementing the
17 Global Goals
that the Leaders of our world have pledged to act upon!
Pope Francis had already recognized the need for change in our world with his
Laudato Si Letter
which he sent out before the World Leaders signed the Sustainable Development Goals!!
Pope Francis said
'What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?'
Our Year 3/4 classes have already looked at many of the problems faced by people around our world during our Sustainable Schools lessons with Mrs McCarthy.
The children have learnt about;
World Issues
Fair Trade
Sustainable Energy
Refugee Lives
Water Aid
The Work of CAFOD
We have really thought about how we can make small changes in our lives to help to make a big difference!
From little Acorns!!!
Closer to home we are still continuing to develop our own school grounds/ garden areas!!!.
We have an application in to The Lottery Fund and we are also looking to work with
to begin to do the 'heavy shifting' work needed to get the Class gardens set up at the top end of school.
Please continue to watch this space and any help to make our gardens grow would be much appreciated!!
We have managed to secure some money from the Lottery Fund !!
Work has begun on developing the outdoor areas of our grounds!
Watch this space!!!!!
Spring 2018
Global Goals Group
Session 1
17th January 2018
The group met today for the first time this new year!
We went out to look at the new garden areas to see what we need to enable the areas to be used !!
We need garden tools-watering cans,trowels,plant pots and seeds and Junior Gardening Gloves!!!
If anyone out there can help it would be much appreciated!
We are hoping to set up a Re-Cycling Base to encourage people to recycle and we are hoping to eventually set up a Family Garden Club!