Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 page!

Our Year 6 teachers are Mrs Willington and Miss Simpson

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Harrison and Miss Readman.

As last year, we will be using the new national curriculum objectives and assessments.


This half term both classes have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The PE uniform is black or navy shorts, a white T-shirt and an appropriate change of footwear. 

 This half term, Open Evening will take place on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th March.


Homework will be given out on a Tuesday and is to be returned the following Monday.  



At St Edward’s,  we are linking subjects together in a cross-curricular approach. Our lessons this term will have a history focus and will be based on the Vikings.

This provides a creative curriculum and will enable your child to try out new skills and enhance their learning.


Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find web links which relate to our curriculum as well as any letters that have been sent out.


Spring Term 2:
As Water is our Geography topic, in the coming weeks Year 6 will be taking part in a, 'Flood Defence' project. 
Year 6S will be carrying out their project between:
Tuesday 27th February - Friday 2nd March
Year 6W will be carrying out their project between:
Monday 12th March - Thursday 15th March
Both classes will be lucky enough to work with someone from the MET Office within their projects. 
September 2017
Peat Rigg 2017
In Science we have been learning about the heart. In our most recent Science lesson, we carried out a number of experiments to measure our pulse rate during different exercises. We identified that the more active we were, the more our hearts needed to pump blood to our muscles and our pulse rate increased. 
                October 2017
Year 6 took 'playing with fire' quite literally on our trip to Trinity! We had a great time carrying out Chemistry experiments - we definitely have some budding Scientists here at St Edward's. 
As you know, we have been learning all about the heart and its key functions in Science. We recently extended our learning further during a heart dissection - it was really interesting to dissect the heart and identify parts such as the aorta, valves and veins for ourselves.
As part of our Viking work in History, we visited the Jorivk Viking Centre to learn about what life was like in this era.
December 2017
Festivities have well and truly commenced in Year 6. The children had a great time showing off their amazing dance moves...
Once again, Secret Santa went down fabulously in Year 6. The children enjoyed exchanging presents and revealing who their Secret Santa was at the end of the day. 
Please click the links below to access the letters which have been sent home to Year 6.