Year 6

Sports Day - Thursday 6th July
Y6 Leavers' Trip - Tuesday 11th July
Crucial Crew - Wednesday 12th July
Y6 Leavers' Mass - Monday 17th July
**Transition dates will be confirmed by secondary schools**

Welcome to our Year 6 page!

Our Year 6 teachers are Mrs Gardner and Miss Simpson

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Harrison and Mrs Pathirana.

As last year, we will be using the new national curriculum objectives and assessments.


This half term both classes have PE on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The PE uniform is black or navy shorts, a white T-shirt and an appropriate change of footwear. 

Homework will be given out on a Tuesday and is to be returned the following Monday.  



At St Edward’s,  we are linking subjects together in a cross-curricular approach. Our lessons this term will have a geography focus and will be based on the water cycle.

This provides a creative curriculum and will enable your child to try out new skills and enhance their learning.


Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find web links which relate to our curriculum as well as any letters that have been sent out.



AUTUMN TERM: The Vikings

June 2017
Eid Mubarak!
On Sunday 25th June, the month of Ramadan came to an end. Both Maryam and Hafsah have been fasting this year and on Friday, they explained to the class what they had to do, why and what it meant to them. The children had the opportunity to ask any questions to the girls about their faith before they taught us some letters in the Arabic alphabet and demonstrated how to 'wudu' - the ritualistic cleansing before prayer. Thank you, girls, for sharing your experiences!
Dressed by the Kids Day
On Friday 16th June, we raised money for charity by wearing our own clothes - except for the staff in school, that is! They had to wear whatever was brought into school for them, no matter how wacky it was!
See below for images of the Y6 team. We think they looked fantastic!
May 2017
Lourdes Prayer Card Competition
In April, we entered a prayer card competition, the winning entry of which would be made into card which would be sold on our diocesan's pilgrimage to Lourdes. This month, we found out that Ellie won! The proceeds of her prayer card will go to the Middlesbrough Diocesan Sick Fund to send ill people from our diocese to Lourdes.
Well done, Ellie - we are so proud of you!
Science Investigation - Mould and Other Living Creatures
Our Science topic for this half term is 'Living Things and their Habitats'. We are mostly focussing on bacteria and viruses but have also been looking at creatures within their habitats and classifying creatures.
We have investigated the effect of hand washing on the growth-rate of mould - with some suprising (and stomach-turning!) results.
We also used 'quadrats' to identify living creatures in our school environment.
See the gallery below for images of our investigation!
Show Racism the Red Card - Competition Winners!
On May 3rd, Molly and Elisha went to the Leicester City football ground to celebrate their poster winning. Here, their prizes were presented to them by none other than Gareth Southgate - the England manager! They also learned some football skills and had a tour around the football ground, even viewing the Premier League cup!
What a fantastic achievement - we are incredibly proud of you both!
April 2017
Chick Watch 2017
Last week, 10 eggs were delivered to school for us to keep in an incubator, waiting for them to hatch. You may now know that we now have seven healthy chicks! (The others didn't hatch.)
The whole school came to a standstill as we watched the live stream on YouTube - we even stopped a test so we could watch egg number three (and four!) hatch.
After 48 hours, the chicks are able to leave their incubator so chick number 1, Toby, visited us upstairs and we could all have a little cuddle.
Don't forget: you can check the progress of our chicks on the live stream until Friday 5th May.
Show Racism the Red Card competition
Earlier in the year, we entered the Show Racism the Red Card competition. We had to create a poster or poem which demonstrated the messages of the charity. We all made some great slogans and had bright and eye-catching posters. However, we have recently learned that Molly and Elisha's poster has been awarded a prize!
In May, the girls will go to Leicester City's football ground to be awarded their first, second or third prize by the England Manager, Gareth Southgate!
This is a fantastic achievement and we are so proud! As Molly and Elisha say: We are each unique and different but together, we make a great bunch!
March 2017
Taiko - Are you the fastest drummer?
On Friday, all of Y6 took part in Mr McFarlane's extreme drumming competition. We all had to hit the drums as many times as we could in 10 seconds - Mr McFarlane's best is 295!
After we had all had a go, the boy and girl from each class with the most beats in 10 seconds went head to head for thirty seconds. Well done to Thomas, Ashin and Cora - and a special well done to Ashley who had the most beats: 383 in 30 seconds! Thank you to Molly, our mathematician.
We had lots of fun and discovered that there may be lots of excellent drummers in our midst!
We were lucky enough to have 'Shopwise' coming into school to talk to all of Year 6 about how to avoid any kind of trouble regarding shoplifting. We learned lots of interesting facts (such as the age at which you can be arrested - it's 10!) and that, even if you find an item and you take it, it is still an offence called theft by finding.
We know that we would never do anything like this but it gave us some good ideas to pass onto others if any of our friends ever decided to shoplift. Whatever the reason, shoplifting is illegal!
Learn, Explore, Reason
This week, in maths, we have looked at position and direction in Geometry. We have focused on solving problems and being able to explain our thought processes in words.
See the gallery below of some children going on a co-ordinate treasure hunt...and their find at the end!
British Science Week: Zooniverse Penguin Watch
This week is British Science Week so we have participated in a conservation programme for Penguin Watch. The conservationists wish to count the number of animals spotted on their cameras so they can have a baseline against which they can measure any changes.
We first had to say if we could see any penguins (or other animals) in the images - or not - then we had to identify adult penguins, chicks, eggs or any other creatures.
Penguins are at risk from global warming, humans and predators. Conservation programmes are essential if we want to protect species from endangerment - or extinction.
See below for some of the images that we analysed.
World Book Day
On March 2nd, it was World Book Day. We dressed as our favourite characters - or in our pyjamas, ready for a bed-time story! After writing book recommendations, we watched videos of some famous authors who were giving advice for how to write or improve our story-writing. Finally, we had time for personal reading, giving us time in our busy school lives to simply wind-down and read. We had hot chocolate and cookies to really help us to relax and enjoy.
February 2017
Goodbye, Mrs Sill!
Our deputy head teacher, Mrs Sill, is leaving us to be the head teacher at St. Benedict's in Redcar. We will miss her a lot and included memories of her in our leaving card to her. 
We took this class picture for her card - and thought it would be nice to share it with you all!
Kahoot it!
One of our new favourite ways of learning is to play a Kahoot quiz. We work in teams and answer multiple-choice questions - it's a bit like a gameshow! It gets very competitive and exciting! This week, we played a Kahoot quiz about the Water Cycle. See the fun we had below!
Final Taiko Session (Y6G)
We had our last Taiko session before we broke up for half term. Now, we are able to sight-read rhythms and can play increasingly challenging songs!

See the gallery below for some images of us drumming and of some of the music we played. When we can resize the videos, we will upload them too!
Good luck with your sessions, Y6S!!
January 2017
Visit to Hartlepool Power Station and Teesmouth Field Centre

To coincide with the end of our 'electricity' topic and the beginning of our 'water' topic, we visited Hartlepool Power Station and Teesmouth Field Centre in January.
Here, we learned about how nuclear energy is generated and what it is used for. We also studied the River Tees, from source to mouth, learning about key features along its full (137km) length! Finally, we put our knowledge to the test, creating our own mini River Tees using natural resources only whilst at the mouth of the Tees.
See the gallery below for images of our day out. (Unfortunately, we could not photograph the power station for security reasons.)
Taiko Drumming
Starting in January, each Y6 class will receive 5 lessons of Taiko Drumming, beginning with Y6G.
Our first lesson with Mr Drum (Mr McFarlane from TVMS) was great - he even said that we were his 'best first class' ever! We can't wait to continue putting our Taiko HEADs on and develop the skills of Harmony, Energy, Attitude and Discipline each week.
Keep checking back each week to see more videos and pictures from our Taiko sessions.
December 2016
Secret Santa and Christmas Party
Usually, in Year 6, the children and staff participate in a Secret Santa as a fun way to celebrate the end of our first term together - and this year was no different!

Everyone went out of their way to find the 'right' present to buy and, as you can see by everyone's faces, we all had a lovely afternoon (which led straight on to our Christmas disco!)
Christmas Fayre Donations
A HUGE thank you to all of the children and their families for bringing in so many donations for our Christmas Fayre: Y6G kindly brought in a whopping 96 items and Y6S generously provided a massive 81! For one year group to provide almost 180 donations is a fantastic achievement and a credit to you all.
Thank you!!!
November 2016
Christmas Fayre Enterprise Stall
For the Christmas Fayre, we created some lollypop Christmas trees. They are simple, yet effective (and easy enough for us to make at home for our families!)
A special mention must go to Ruby (and her generous grandma) who bought and provided the resources to make an additional product for our stall. Pop along to our stall in the hall to find out what it is!
Viking Projects
Over October half term, we were given the task to create a Viking project on any area of our choice - and we could present it in any way we wanted. We developed lots of skills, from creating to presenting, and learned a lot about the Vikings too!
See the gallery below for our wonderful projects!!
Digital Leaders
Simon Finch from Digitally Confident delivered a workshop to us all about e-safety. He reminded us that, as Year 6 pupils, we are the experts on using the internet and social media at aged 11 - as our teachers and other adults did not have access to it at their age! Therefore, we must lead by example when using the internet, particularly social media.
We revised how to stay safe online - and how to keep others safe and happy too. Ask one of us to give you some advice for how to create an uncrackable password!
Witches' Spell Performances
As part of our speaking, listening and performance poetry, we recited the Witches' Spell from Shakespeare's play 'Macbeth'. 
We worked in groups and learned the poem - by heart! Each group's recitation was different: some included actions, some focused on their facial expressions and others varied their movement when performing.
See the gallery below for images of our performances.
October 2016
Theme week - Nelson Mandela
We had a 'Significant Figures' theme week where we focused on the life of Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years for standing up for what he believed in.
We wrote autobiographies as if we were Mandela, created Nelson Mandela pop art and even planned a trip to South Africa! 
He has inspired us to always stand up for human rights in a peaceful way. We wore red for the 'Show Racism the Red Card' charity to raise awareness of its work and to promote its message.
Trinity Taster Day
In October, we visited Trinity Catholic College to explore the building and some of the lessons they had to offer. We were lucky enough to visit Mr Knox in music to learn some samba rhythms with our poppadoms, baltis, chicken rogan joshes and vindaloos!
We also continued our science topic all about the heart with Mrs Dixon where we were able to dissect an animal heart to explore its anatomy, finding the four main chambers as well as major veins and arteries.
Warning: the gallery below is not for the faint hearted! (Apologies for the pun!)
September 2016
We were lucky enough to receive Judo coaching from a professional instructor. Here, we learned key terms and moves as part of our brief introduction to judo. Stay tuned to see some photographs!
Peat Rigg
We returned from our annual Y6 residential to Peat Rigg in September. There was a lot of fun to be had and a we learned so much while we were away.
Look below for the galleries for both Group 1 and Group 2.
Please click the links below to access the letters which have been sent home to Year 6.